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This bread is most popular in the northern part of Ethiopia but is enjoyed all over the country. It is more of a pizza type of bread in size and shape. Often people will add orange juice or another citrus to flavour it. This bread needs less water than for example Mulmul and really has to kneaded well.

You will need
Baking Powder

We start by adding to a large mixing bowl, warm water and the yeast.

Mix this well then add the salt, sugar and oil, again mix well.

Now add the baking powder by adding it first to a little splash of warm water.

Add the flour and really get your hands in and knead for at least 5 mins.

You could if you like add some orange juice now to add a little more flavour.

Double plastic wrap the bowl and keep in room temperature for about 1 hour or until it has almost doubled in size.

On a plastic or marble surface spread a little oil.

Now add the dough mixture and create a round pizza shape or about 1 cm thick.

Design the top by cutting 4 or 8 slices and with a knife or fork design on the top.

Now we will go to the cooker, we need a thick bottomed pan, big enough to take the bread and will a little touch of oil now add the dough shape.

Cook on each side for 10 mins on a low heat, turning once only.

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