The morning meal is called Qurs in Amharic. An Ethiopian breakfast can range from a simple cup of tea to a heavier Genfo.
Take a look at these video recipes that include Enqulal Tibs, Genfo, ful, Kita, Chechebsa and kinche.

Enqulal Tibs or scrambled eggs or an egg (enqulal) omelet, the Ethiopian breakfast dish just like eaten the west, but of course we love to add a little chilli or and nitre kibe (Ethiopian spiced butter). Onion and often diced tomatoes (timatim) are added. Tibs means to fry, Enqulal means egg.

Dulet is a finely chopped stew of lamb tripe (stomach), beef and liver (from a lamb or cow), fried in niter kibe with chopped onions, peppers and a variety of spices.

Genfo. A filling porridge made of a variety of flours, most commonly prepared as yesinde genfo (with wheat) or yegebs genfo (with barley).

Ful. Mashed and seasoned Fava beans (bakela). Arabic in style and perhaps history.

Kita and Chechebsa. Kita is sometimes called an “Ethiopian pizza,” and if you chop it up into little pieces instead of keeping it round, it becomes chechebsa.

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