Ethiopian Assa Kitfo – Raw Spicy Fish

Ethiopian Assa Kitfo – Raw Spicy Fish

Raw beef in Ethiopia is a bit of a must, Kitfo, minced raw beef or Gored Gored chunks of high quality cube beef are in the top ten on the Ethiopian menu.

Fish Kitfo is a variant on the famous beef dish and is far less popular.

It is very important that the fish you use is Fresh – There are no strict measurements for this dish, please add the amounts that you like – Play around and add the amounts that suits your taste. As and option you can also fry the fish in a little oil to cook it and serve.

Take your fresh fish fillet, clean well and chop in very small parts. Do the same with your onion and chilli. Simply add the amounts that you like to get the taste you want. We are using red wine but you can of course use white wine or Tej (Ethiopian Honey Wine). Lemon juice is very important to this dish as the acids in the lemon will cook the fish. There are many raw fish recipes from around the world that include, carpaccio, Ceviche, Crudo, Esqueixada, Gravlax, Gohu Ikan, Hinava, Hoe, Kilawin, Koi pla, Poke, Sashimi, Tiradito, Tuna tartare, Xato

Fresh cleaned fillet fish of your choice ( we are using Nile Perch )
Chopped Onion
Chopped Green Chilli
Black Pepper
Wine or Tej
Olive Oil
Mitmita (but you can if you like use Berbere )
Lemon Juice

Take a look at the video below.

Ethiopian Assa Kitfo – Raw Spicy Fish – አማርኛ

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