Ethiopian Fish & Spinach

Ethiopian Fish & Spinach

Asa Gomen Tibs – Fish & Spinach – Yeasagomen

For this dish you will need Fillet fish (we are using nile Perch), Fresh spinach or collard greens, garlic, salt, flour, oil, onions, fresh chilli & Ethiopian spiced butter.

In a bowl add a little flour and salt and dust the cubed fish. You can if you like add a little turmeric or chilli powder as well.

With a pan and hot oil fry the fish until golden brown, this will take about 5 mins.

When ready place the fried fish on paper towels to drain any oil and set aside.

The next we will we use a little of the oil as it has great fish flavours and fry our onions for about 2 mins, then add garlic, if you like you could also add ginger.

Now addd the spinach, make sure it is very well washed in cold water, add a lid and cook for about 8 to 10 mins stir every few mins.

Now add the butter and the fried fish, stir but be careful not to break the fish.

Finally add fresh chopped green chilli, cover and cook for 3 more mins and serve.

Take a look at the recipe video below.

Ethiopian Fish & Spinach – Asa be Gomen አማርኛ

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