Ethiopian Potato and Carrot Alicha

Ethiopian Potato and Carrot Alicha

You will need
3 med potatoes – peeled and cut
4 med carrots – peeled and cut
2 med onions – peeled and sliced
1 teaspoon turmeric Ird
1/4 cup oil
Salt to taste
2 chopped green chilli
1 teaspoon chopped garlic
A touch of water

Start by adding the onions and the oil in a hot pan.

Add a lid and cook for about 4 mins on a med heat.

Now add the garlic and carrots and a touch of water cover and again cook for around 4 mins.

Add a little turmeric (Ird) stir and cook for just 2 mins.

We can now add the potatoes and salt, stir then add a touch more water, cover and cook for 5 mins.

Add the chopped fresh chilli and cook until the potatoes are firm but cooked.

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